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This is one of my favorite dapper day pictures and I don’t know if I posted it or not~

ohanawaii's Lilo and Stitch Challenge

Favourite scene - Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

guys i’m so confused about that post taking off like that

anhonorarylostgirl sent: will you marry me omg you're so precious i love you <3

omg thank you

the-last-wise-banana sent: You are so adorable I don't even know what else to say

omg thank you <3

Anonymous sent: Does Oswald sign autographs?

yes! I didn’t get one from him, because I don’t really care to go to the trouble, but I saw him signing them! :)

oh my god that tsum tsum post has over 100 notes how the heck

essentiallyamypond sent: you are so adorable! I just had to tell you! :)

aw thank you!!:)